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1. Why is the City not requiring that masks be worn on city property?
2. Will City employees be required to wear masks?
3. When does the Order take effect?
4. What entities does the mandatory face mask requirement apply to?
5. What are schools required to do under the Order?
6. What are businesses required to do under the Order?
7. What steps must a business take to “implement” their Health and Safety Policy?
8. What is the penalty if a business does not develop or enforce their Health and Safety Policy?
9. How will the City of Coppell enforce the mask requirement in businesses?
10. How does this Order apply to residential property?
11. How does the Order apply to City of Coppell buildings?
12. Does an individual have to follow the face mask requirements if they show proof that they received the COVID-19 vaccine?
13. Can an individual be penalized for not wearing a face mask in a public space?