Library Volunteers

Library Volunteers

Adult Volunteers

Volunteer opportunities for adults at the Cozby Library are extremely limited in available positions and tasks. Training may be required for certain tasks. There are many volunteer opportunities available through other City of Coppell facilities. Volunteers must be age 18 and over and pass a background check. A signed waiver is also required. The online volunteer application along with a list of volunteer opportunities available city-wide can be found on the Coppell Volunteers page.

Adults who are interested in supporting the mission of the Cozby Library can also join The Friends of the Coppell Public Library.

Teen Volunteers

Volunteer opportunities for teens at the Cozby Library are offered through the Teen Volunteers in Coppell program. Teen Volunteers in Coppell allows eligible teens to complete a single application and approval process to be accepted to volunteer at multiple city facilities. 

Eligibility requirements: 

  • Age 13-17
  • Must be a Coppell resident or CISD student


Questions about Teen Volunteers in Coppell should be emailed to

Volunteer Opportunities in DFW

Looking for more volunteer opportunities? We have collected the contact information from various volunteer organizations in DFW. Pick up a copy at the front desk or view volunteer opportunities here. This list is updated once a year after our Volunteer Fair.