Property Owners

The plumber, contractor, and/or owner is responsible for having the Backflow Prevention Assembly (BPA) tested upon installation and initiation of service by a Tester certified according to TCEQ Rules for the specific type of installation, i.e. FireLine, Irrigation, General, etc. Thereafter, it will be the responsibility of the party paying the water bill, to have the BPA tested as prescribed by the City of Coppell Public Works based on the type of device and Degree of Hazard. All assemblies shall be tested at least annually.

BPA Testing

If you currently have a BPA in the city's program you will receive a letter every year to have your BPA(s) tested by a licensed tester (BPAT) registered with the city. Your letter will include a catalog number that has been issued to your address. This catalog number will be used by BPATs to enter the testing results on the web-based tool. Customers that would like to view or track the inspection results online at SC Tracking Solutions under the Free Public Access button and you can also look for a tester by clicking the Need a Service Provider button.