Street Light Repair Request

Request for Street Light Repair


Street lights are installed, maintained, and owned by ONCOR Electric Delivery. If a street light is out, damaged or is malfunctioning, an online request for repair can be made by ONCOR. The direct phone number to report a problem with a street light is 888-313-4747.


Report a street light out through CoServ or call 800-274-4014.

Texas-New Mexico Power

Some of the northern areas of Coppell are served by either Texas-New Mexico Power (TNMP) or CoServ Electric. To report a street light problem to Texas-New Mexico Power, visit the TNMP website or call 888-866-7456.

Request for Street Light Installation

Requests for the installation of a new street light can be made through the Public Works Engineering at 972-304-3679. Requests are then passed on to Oncor Electric Delivery, Texas-New Mexico Power, or CoServ Electric where a review of the request will be performed.