Operation Secure Car

Not everyone "shops" the legal way. Some people might just break into your car and help themselves. Stop 'em cold! The Coppell Police Department wants you to participate in Operation Secure Car! Help us help you reduce car burglaries and vehicle thefts by following these simple rules:

  • Lock your car. An unlocked vehicle is an open invitation to a car thief. Be sure to lock all points of entry into your vehicle and tightly shut any windows including the vent or wind-wing windows.
  • When shopping, hide your packages. Out of sight, out of mind. Thieves don't want to waste time breaking into your car if they aren't guaranteed a bargain!
  • When shopping, park in well-lighted areas at night. At home, put your car in the garage when possible AND close your garage door and keep it closed.
  • Remove valuable possessions from the car. Items like cell phones, PDAs, jewelry, garage door openers, cameras, laptops and the bags you carry them in are just as enticing to a thief.
  • Use a secondary anti-theft device if you own one.
  • Wheels are hot items in the crime world. It doesn't take long to remove lug nuts and take your tires. Try locking lug nuts (this might slow the thief down), but don't leave the lug nut key in your glove box (that's the first place they will look). Even better, lock your car in your garage.

Lock it up tight and out of sight!