Seasonal Classes

Life Safety Park offers a variety of seasonal classes for both children and adults. Topics and availability may vary year-by-year, but a general course offering is below.

Severe Weather Preparedness

Typically offered in the early spring, Life Safety Park teams up with CBS DFW Channel 11's weather team to offer this engaging and en"lightning" course on severe weather preparedness. Class participants will debunk some weather myths, learn the facts, and get armed with crucial tips that will help keep their families safe when severe weather strikes. 

College Safety 101

Geared towards incoming college students, this class is typically offered in the summer for high school upperclassmen and incoming college freshmen. Co-presented by the University of North Texas Police Department, students in this course will learn about drug and alcohol awareness, campus safety and security, how to prevent scams and identity theft, and general wellbeing tips.

Fire Extinguisher Class

This class is typically offered in the fall, as Thanksgiving and Christmas are the peak days of the year for home fires in the United States. Class participants will learn about fire extinguisher types, recommended maintenance and placement in the home, as well as fire extinguisher operation using a realistic kitchen fire training prop.

Adult Traffic Safety

Typically offered in the winter with representative from AAA Texas, this class will teach participants some hazardous weather driving tips, vehicle safety tips, as well as present facts on distracted and impaired driving. 

Check out our online registration page for the latest course availability.