The City of Coppell is committed to promoting economic growth, quality development and the ongoing improvement in the quality of life for all Coppell citizens. To help meet these objectives, the City of Coppell will, on a case-by-case basis, give consideration to provide economic incentives as a stimulus for quality economic development in the City including business attraction, retention, expansion, and redevelopment.

The purpose of such incentives is to encourage development from those companies that enhance the overall economic strength of the Coppell economy through the creation of a broader tax base, revitalization to distressed areas and/or quality jobs for Coppell citizens. Equally, the purpose is to attract and/or retain those companies that will become good corporate citizens, meeting the goals and objectives of the City of Coppell.

Incentive Types

  • Chapter 312 Tax Abatements
  • Chapter 380 Economic Development Grants
  • Expedited Permitting
  • Fee Waivers
  • Foreign Trade Zones
  • Freeport Tax Exemption

Please refer to the City of Coppell Incentive Policy (PDF) for qualifications for each incentive type and application.