The City of Coppell spans multiple counties including Dallas County and Denton County. Use the buttons located at the top to access your county's appraisal district.

The Dallas County Tax Office collects property taxes for all property located within the city limits of Coppell. Coppell residents can pay taxes in person at any of the eight locations identified on the Dallas County website. Payments are also be accepted by phone, by mail, or online using a no-cost e-check. Credit or debit cards can be used online or in person; convenience fees will apply. Use the "Pay Your Tax Bill" button to access Dallas County's website.

2020 to 2021 Tax Rates

The adopted 2020 to 2021 property tax rate is $0.5800/$100 taxable valuation. This is a lower rate than adopted in 2019 to 2020. View the Notice of 2020 Tax Rates (PDF). The rates published in the notice are calculated by Dallas County (PDF) in accordance with Texas Tax Code and were not considered for adoption. Tax rate and budget information, as required by Tax Code 26.18 (PDF).

Sales Tax

The current sales tax rate in Coppell is 8.25%. The City retains 2% and is used as follows: 

  • 1% for City operations
  • 0.5% is a special 4B sales tax for specific parks-related projects
  • 0.25% is for the maintenance and repair of existing City streets
  • The remaining 0.25% is for the Crime Control and Prevention District

Hotel Occupancy Tax

The City of Coppell levies a tax rate of seven percent (7%) on the cost of occupancy of any sleeping room furnished by any hotel where the cost of occupancy is at the rate of two dollars ($2.00) or more per day. This does apply to property owners that rent their home or a portion of their home for periods of less than 30 days as a short-term rental. Taxes collected should be reported and paid to the City on a quarterly basis. Please see the Hotel Occupancy Tax page for more information.