Water & Sewer Services

The City of Coppell maintains more than 200 miles of water lines and more than 173 miles of sanitary sewer lines. City crews do routine maintenance on these lines to ensure that all Coppell residents and businesses have access to safe, sanitary water and that all wastewater is disposed of and treated properly.

The City's proactive maintenance efforts are responsible in part for the City's excellent water services. Each year, the City's drinking water meets or exceeds all federal requirements. Further, Coppell was recently awarded the Proactive Water System Award from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. This award recognizes the City of Coppell for its creative and effective efforts to improve operations, achieve compliance with water standards and better serve customers.

Advanced Water Meter System

In 2019, City of Coppell water utility customers had their water meters replaced as part of the City's Advanced Water Meter System project, a new service enhancement initiative to install advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) throughout the community. The city-wide installation of 13,375 new meters took approximately 14 months. The new meter system provides customers with an online portal where they can view more accurate water usage data that is updated multiple times throughout the day, water budget and water consumption threshold alerts, comparative data, and leak alerts and notifications from the City. Consumption data is updated on an internet-based customer dashboard that can be accessed from a computer, tablet or smart phone.

With the Advanced Water Meter System, Coppell residents have access to data that gives them an increased understanding of their water consumption. In turn, City staff is better equipped to assist customers.

If someone calls with concerns about their water usage, previously, we could only go out and look at the meter to see if they have a leak or have the meter tested, "said Kim Tiehen, Assistant Director of Finance for the City of Coppell. With this technology, we're able to show them what is happening with their consumption. They're able to graph it, and they're able to see how much water was used and when it was used. This allows us to provide a level of customer service that was unattainable before.

Accessing Data

Once customers start accessing the data from their new meters, the information will allow them to more closely monitor their water consumption and adjust their usage accordingly. In turn, it provides the City more accurate utility analytics and customer consumption data, better meter data management, increased customer transparency, a reduction in water loss, a reduction in labor costs, a baseline for distribution leak detection and the ability to send alerts and messages to customers. In short, customers will be given the tools and data they need to better plan and "Get to Know Your H2O."