Community & Economic Development​

While the residential population of Coppell is not expected to increase significantly, the City is actively working with corporations to bring more businesses to Coppell. The City's economic development initiatives have resulted in an increase in sales and property tax revenues from the business community that have allowed the City to fund numerous projects. The increase in job creation has also benefitted the City significantly.

Creating New Jobs

Over the past three years, the City of Coppell has worked with businesses to create an annual average of 600 new jobs. Coppell's business friendly approach to development encourages the growth of high-quality business and relocation projects. In 2017, nearly 1,500 businesses called Coppell home.

Hotel Development

The City has also been successful in attracting hotel development. The City currently has three hotels, and two more are under construction. Hotels not only offer meeting spaces and conference center options to residents, but they also have the potential to bring in significant tax dollars that the city can use for future projects.