Common Area Migratory Birds

BirdDescriptionLengthWingspanBehavior/CharacteristicsBreeding Period
Cattle Egret
Cattle Egret
  • Medium-sized white, compact bird with golden plumes on the head, chest and back during breeding season
  • Dagger-like yellow bill and yellow legs
  • Younger birds have dark bills and legs
Approximately 18 to 22 inchesApproximately 34 to 38 inches
  • Nest in dense colonies with other species of herons
  • Often seen on land looking for food near cattle

April to October
Great Blue Heron
Great Blue Heron
  • Very large, tall, greyish-blue bird with a long "S"-shaped neck and black crown with head plumes; shaggy plumes on neck and back during breeding
  • Long, dagger-like orange-yellow bill and legs
  • Younger birds have grey legs and bills
Approximately 38 to 54 inchesApproximately 66 to 79 inches
  • Nest with other Great Blue Herons and sometimes alongside other species of wading birds
Late January to late August
Great Egret
Great Egret
  • Large, tall, white bird with a long "S"-shaped neck
  • Long, feathery plumes on back and neon green stripe over eyes during breeding
  • Long, dagger-like yellow-orange bill and long black legs
Approximately 37 to 41 inchesApproximately 52 to 57 inches
  • Nest in mixed species colonies
Early March to August
Little Blue Heron
Little Blue Heron
  • Smaller, dark to slate blue bird with a dark maroon head and neck
  • Pale blue bill with black tip and long greenish legs
  • Younger birds are all white or white with some blue
Approximately 22 to 29 inchesApproximately 39 to 41 inches
  • Nest in mixed species colonies
  • Hunched posture when standing

Early March to Late July
Snowy Egret
Snowy Egret
  • Medium, white bird with a long "S"-shaped neck and shaggy plumes on neck and chest
  • Long black bill with yellow base and long black legs with yellow feet
  • Younger birds have dull, greenish legs
Approximately 22 to 26 inchesApproximately 39 inches
  • Often nest with other small herons
Early March to late August
Yellow-Crowned Night Heron
Yellow-Crowned Night Heron
  • Medium-sized grey, stocky bird with yellow crown, head plumes and white patches on cheeks
  • Short grey bill and yellow-orange legs
  • Younger birds are brown with white spots
Approximately 21 to 28 inchesApproximately 40 to 46 inches
  • Often sentry birds that can be seen in the area as early as February
Early March to Mid-July