​Youth Allies®

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Youth Allies® will provide learning opportunities to help Coppell youth build a sense of belonging and unity while acquiring leadership skills to benefit themselves and their communities.

Learning Opportunities

Since the initial planning phase of the Allies in Community® initiative, there has been a call for youth programming. Youth Allies® was created to give the rich diversity of youth voices in Coppell a place to be heard, valued and substantiated while helping to shape the future of the community. The program mirrors the values at the heart of Allies in Community® — building relationships, fostering belonging, and promoting inclusiveness and civic engagement — but is presented in a manner and environment unique to the experiences and guidance lived by Coppell’s youth. 

Sense of Belonging and Unity

Youth Allies® encourages the next generation to explore their communities, such as those found within family, school, work, faith communities, online groups, music ensembles, sports teams and activities, opening their eyes to the many different opportunities to create a sense of belonging for themselves, their peers and those that will come after them. Through storytelling and the support of the community, Youth Allies® will learn to build bridges and connect across their familiar circles as well as a broad range of new, unfamiliar groups empowering them to thrive where they are, as they are.

Leadership Skills that Benefit Youth and Community

Youth Allies® is broadly inclusive, forgoing a minimum GPA requirement or the motivation to satisfy service credit hours, and instead seeking those who demonstrate the qualities of compassion, empathy and service with a focus on connection rather than recognition. 

Youth Allies® can come from all backgrounds, cultures, economic statuses, social circles, and levels of academic and athletic achievement. Their common ground is that they resonate with the Traits of a Youth Ally.

Cultivating this type of leadership aligns with Coppell’s continuing legacy as a Family Community for a Lifetime and will assist Youth Allies as they grow their skills and talents while shaping the future communities they serve.

Join Youth Allies®

The pilot Youth Allies® program is a one day, six-hour workshop on Saturday, September 24, at Cozby Library and Community Commons. From 10 am – 4 pm, up to 40 participants will engage in highly interactive content that will challenge them to think deeper, gain new skills, build self-awareness and, most importantly, have fun. 

Those interested in participating in Youth Allies® must be in grades 9 – 12 and living in Coppell OR a student enrolled in Coppell ISD. There is no GPA requirement. 

Applications are now closed.

Participants selected for the program will be notified on Tuesday, September 13, 2022.

If you have questions, please send us an email or call 972-462-0022. 

Allies in Community: Youth® is a program created by Tasnim McCormick Benhalim at DiversityWealth LLC. and delivered in partnership with the City of Coppell.