Street Sign Topper Program

Street sign toppers are an excellent way to display unique characteristics of a neighborhood.  Identifying and displaying such characteristics establishes a sense of belonging among neighbors and stimulates neighborhood pride.  All recognized homeowner and neighborhood associations within the City limits are eligible to participate in this program.

Each neighborhood requesting sign installation is required to submit an application. Approval or denial of the application will be determined by staff based on established guidelines and procedures to ensure the sign toppers are of suitable standard. The neighborhood will bear the cost to fabricate the signs and provide the installation hardware; however, the City will offer funding assistance in the form of a matching grant up to a predetermined amount depending on available funds at the time of application. The Public Works Department will install the signs and ensure it meets City standards. The City of Coppell must approve all sign toppers before they are manufactured and installed. 

Street Sign Topper - Old Town
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