Citizen Self Service Portal Registration

Customers can use the Citizen Self Service (CSS) portal to pay bills online, manage account information and more. This utility billing system to one that is configurable, reliable and automated, and streamlines some aspects of the payment process.

  1. Quick Registration Steps
  2. How to Register Video
  3. CSS User Manual and Instructions

Create an Account

  1. Go to the City of Coppell’s Citizen Self-Service portal. For the best user experience, Google Chrome is the preferred browser.
  2.  Hover over the button in top right corner. Click on this Log In button.
  3. Click Register for a New Account.
  4. Complete all the fields including a valid email address and password. 
  5. Click Register.
  6. You'll receive an email from with a confirmation link. Click the link, follow the steps to create and confirm your password, and select Confirm Email when finished. 
  7. Click on the word HERE to return to your Citizen Self-Service Account welcome page. 
  8. You will receive an Email Account Verified message.

Link your Utility Billing Account

  1. Hover over the button in the top right corner. Click on this User Menu button and select My Account. 
  2. The Account Settings page will appear where you can change your password, email, and connect to a Utility Billing Account. 
  3. Click Link to Account and enter your Account Number and Customer ID. The Customer ID and Account Number needed to link your utility billing account to your customer profile on the CSS portal is listed on utility bills generated AFTER February 7, 2022. The correct numbers are not listed on utility bills received by customers prior to the conversion. If you have not yet received your March water bill, please call City of Coppell Utility Billing at 972-462-5176 in order to obtain these numbers.
  4. Click Submit. The new account you have added will be listed under Utility Billing Accounts.